Dostel Makina San. Ve Tic. A.Ş. , founded by Mr. Tarık Yücel in 1970, is a supply industry company that produces cold-formed sheet metal parts and DIE manufacturing for the automotive and home appliance sectors. Dostel serves its customers with over 50 years of experience in serial production and DIE manufacturing with transfer & progressive presses, robotic spot welding, assembly, and prototype part/mold manufacturing.

Dostel has established its position both in local and global markets through its engineering competencies such as efficient and high-speed production capabilities and utilization of cold-formed sheet metal parts.

Over the years, Dostel has participated in numerous passenger, and commercial vehicle projects in transfer press and welded part productions. Following the high quality delivery of the services in these projects, Dostel has ensured its continuity in new projects, particularly in critical parts. The accumulated experience in similar parts has laid the foundation for an enduring win-win relationship for both the customers and Dostel.

Dostel Makina's extensive experience in automotive sector has enabled itself to extend its services to the home appliances sector, which equally requires high volume, high speed productions. Our high-volume production in the automotive and white goods sectors is carried out in parallel.